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Top Ten addictive Flash Games that will get you fired

Top Ten addictive Flash Games that will get you fired, is the title of this post because these are the top ten games that people try to secretly play at their offices because these are easy to play and no unnecessary installation if they know what they are doing.

10. Pac Man

Even before you can point your browser FB had Pac-Man. This guy ate most of the time for their parents in the office and could have been just cause never never finished high school.

9. Vampire wars

You can play this game on PC. This game requires you to read and analyze.

8. Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a game of analysis and group.

7. Solitaire

Soliat game sin the windows are as old as our ancestors. So expect the fans Soliat

to be one of your parents.

6. Build your own city

Build your own city is a strategy game that lets you take advantage and grow your city.

5. Diner Dash

Follow Flo and expansion of its chain of restaurants by the customer service and management in the table.

4. Bejeweled

Bejeweled is a game that challenges the eye and hand coordination. So I suggest you play with her grandmother. Of course liked it!

3. Farm Vill

If you want to plant corn and eggplant, but not motivated to do so, could thus play a game that does it.

2. Angry Birds

Why Birds Angry and upset? Some of the pigs had their eggs. So they have to get those eggs back before turning the omelet du jour.
1. Plants VS. Zombies

If in the case of a zombie attack, instead of petunias on the porch and door.


Make Your BlackBerry Batteries Last Longer

It’s time for BlackBerry users to learn basic info with their smartphones for a longer period than ever before. Being a smartphone with more advanced features such as multitasking and email services, the mobile device has a tendency to flow faster than the “feature phones” conventional.

Blackberry phones is one of the more advanced features that we now have, next to the iPhone is also a product of very good reputation of the technology industry, Research In Motion, RIM. The advantages of a BlackBerry mobile phone, BlackBerry and the world that offers users a wide variety of applications compatible with smart phones is a major reason why your BlackBerry’s battery does not last longer.

In addition, the Blackberry is the smartphone, which lets you run multiple applications at the same time can also contribute to battery drain in a hurry. Let’s look at some ways to manage the BlackBerry battery without losing its advantages.

Exit all programs after use

The more you run the application on your BlackBerry smartphone, the battery life more than they consume. Avoid running many applications on your phone at a time and always end each application is opened, before dropping the phone.

With BlackBerry, unlike the “feature phones” rule that requires you to press the start button or end before automatically closes any running application, the BlackBerry device prompts you to press home and select “close” or press Esc to close it.

Set your phone to Auto-on and auto-off

When I started using my BlackBerry 9630 Tour, I liked the way it works and how I was able to download WordPress for BlackBerry, which was to put my weight and coupon easy Bistro MD Rangers blog I realized that often I left my phone while I slept outside runs and still drained my battery life so I had to put it on Auto from time to time.

You can configure the BlackBerry automatic on and off start-ups going to “Settings” screen, so you can view a list of alternatives for the BlackBerry, the third in the list (at least in the 9630 Tour) is the “Auto On / off “.

Buy Extra batteries

Another interesting way to have a long battery life for your BlackBerry is to have more than one battery for your BlackBerry. I do not know where there is no way to recharge your phone and may need to make use of the emergency. It is in this situation, the extra battery will come in handy.

You can purchase BlackBerry batteries online at Amazon or on the Blackberry site directly for about 50 to 60 in bulk.

Charge your batteries on a regular basis

Although having a maximum of ten additional battery backup that could help extend the battery life of your BlackBerry, it is much more than a waste of time and money by not charging the batteries as they should. To ensure that my BlackBerry battery last longer, charge it regularly and also take every opportunity I have to make sure my battery is fully charged.

Charge your battery BlackBerry are very important and will save you the embarrassment of not having access to the use of radio just because your battery is low BlackBerry.

My gadget picks for 2011

IPhone with a detachable keyboard: Asus Eee 101 TF Transformer Pad

Asus offers a touch screen that has IPAD, but with a detachable keyboard and trackpad. Includes USB port and SD. It goes with its own battery so you do not empty the shelves. If you want to mix fun with work of this article is for you.

Ipad 2

The evolution of Apple. First, which began as an Iphone Iphone is now. Will not be long before it will appropriate a new market trend. Iphone 2 features an integrated camera, Iphone features lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS is a touch-screen 3D game that you do not need glasses. It ‘very compatible with your handheld so you can make travel, school, or even on the road.

Motorala Atrix 4G

This smartphone comes with heavy good characteristics simultaneously. This is a 4-inch, 950 x 950 pixel resolution with 1 GHz dual core processor. It also has a fingerprint reader att unlock this phone with a touch. Literally means “No one sees my files.”

Flip-a-camera: Casio Tryx

Casio digital camera is a flipable Tryx. You can use the outer shell as a tripod or watch the screen while recording.