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5 Tips to extend your laptops battery life

October 8, 2011

The battery is a very important part of your mobile device. Treat the battery in the right way, you can add it to life and can keep a backup for a long time. Here are some tips for keeping your laptop battery, which also applies to mobile phones.

1. Keep the battery contacts

Battery contacts may become corroded and dirty over time, making the delivery of power. To clean the battery contacts the laptop off and disconnect the external power supply, remove the battery Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the metal contacts on the battery inside the device. Let dry completely before reinstalling the battery and reconnect to a power source. Repeat this process every two or three months.

2. Time to drain the battery completely

To maintain the required load capacity of its battery, which must be completely drain the battery periodically. For the complete evacuation, I do not mean 100% drainage should drain the battery in a 90-95% regularly (twice a month) to ensure that the battery will have a full charge.

3. Keep your notebook cool

The heat reduces the effectiveness of your device, which ultimately results in more drain on the battery and shorten battery life. Make sure there is proper air circulation, do not leave clothes, stuffed animals or other obstructions block the ventilation openings.

Fourth charge the battery properly

Always use the recommended power cord and adapter charger, do not use any AC adapter or charger is not approved by the device manufacturer. Avoid discharge the battery fully

5th Remove the battery when not in use

If you do not use your laptop or other mobile device for a week or more, remove the battery and store it separately, before that, the battery discharge to 40% of full capacity and keep it fresh.


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