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5 Ways To Make Your WordPress Blog faster

October 6, 2011

Search engines like Google prefer websites which are are fast . Fast websites are ranked high in the search results . For a wordpress blog you can do several things to make it faster some of them are .

1. Optimize title

In the header.php file you will see that there is a function calling the title of the website and description

<?PHP bloginfo(name); ?><?PHP bloginfo(description); ?>
replace this with the HTML version which is much faster and it looks like this:

<title>Your Website Title</title>

2.  Optimize feed

In the same header.php file you will find something similar to
<?PHP bloginfo_rss(‘url’) ?>   OR

<?php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?>
replace it with the html version like this with the feed url

3. Use clean and Compressed Code

A clean and compressed JavaScript and CSS code can make you wordpress website really fast . Google code offers Closure Compiler which compresses JavaScript and CSS for free . If you don’t have programming knowledge to manually do that , then you can use  Optimize Script plugin which uses Google’s closure compiler

4. Optimize Images 

Many images contain extra bytes within them that are unnecessary smaller images means your site loads faster . I use WP plugin which is based on Yahoo’s YSlow project .

5.  Cache Your WordPress Blog

There are many caching plugins available like WP Super cache , WP cache , WP Total cache etc . I prefer WP Total cache . Its functions include database caching, pages caching and even to minimize the size of your pages. It is used by Mashable, Matt Cutts, Smashing Magazine, Yoast and lots of other online gurus out there.


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