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Top 5 blogging tips

I blog about 5 years ago and at that time, I researched blogs, probably more than necessary. Today I will share my five favorite blogs tips and things I should keep in mind when starting a blog. I posted the top 3 in Blogging Tips & Tricks Forum where you can add more of your blogs very clean advice.

Tip # 1 – Choose a reading theme

This is extremely important. To ensure that people can read your blog, and preferably to do with it for more than 1 or 2 seats. My proposal for a top when it comes to readability of the text is to put a lighter background.

My biggest pet peeve is on a black background. It’s too much of a strain to read and often migrate from a second blog, I see a black background, because I know it’s not easy to read.

Tip # 2 – Blue links are the best

I once read that people are 56% more likely to click on a link that is blue. Probably because that was the original color of links, so it is familiar. Personally, I just do not click on the blue link, because it is not always clear that the other colors are clear links, which can be colored, underlined text, though I know …

Tip 3 – You have an About page or widget

Again, this is another one of those things that I can turn off the blog before I read the message. I do not want to read 10 or 12 posts to get an idea what it is, like Blogger, blog or whatever.

Many blog readers also seek to establish relationships with like-minded individuals, people they can relate to or have something in common with. Make it easy for them to find you by creating a side that tell your readers that everything is important to you.

Tip # 4 – Use it wisely Categories

You want people to be able to find the stakes are, who’s looking for, with ease. So six classes are easy to understand and almost directional in nature. Keep this in mind the same thing, when you add tags, because if you do not make sense, no one to look for them, and then nobody to find your blog!

Tip # 5 – Do not forget the grammar!

I know it sucks, but you must think about your grammar to write blog posts. I’m not saying it has to be perfect because I’m also a big fan of writing for yourself, and his newspaper, without limits, but when it comes to publishing your blog and then have people read it, questions of grammar!

Check your spelling before pressing the Publish button, read the messages aloud – at least yet – to ensure that you have written makes sense. And the worst comes to worst absolute, edit, after he was released to make the changes you may notice.

It’s always the things I think not only when I start a blog, but when I’m publishing the positions and when I read through old posts. These five tips will get well on your way to publish quality content for many readers. Tell people about your blog, make it easy for them to go where they might want to go, and above all, do read!

What are your personal tips on blogs? What are some tips you have learned other blogging? Leave a comment here, or check Blogging Tips forum to share best blogging tips.


My Top 5 WordPress Plugins

I’ve been using WordPress for the last 2 years, and have tried many WordPress plugins – for my blogs or sites of my clients. Therefore, the choice of the best WordPress plugins that was not so difficult for me. However, nearly thousands of plugins in the plugins directory of an official, the choice of the top 5 plugins was very difficult.

Selection of the top 5 WordPress plugins

I recently worked with a company that was launching a new WordPress plugin. I was assigned to do SEO. They did a study and asked their followers what they thought was the best plugin for WordPress. And they come up with some amazing WordPress plugins that I had while choosing my Top 5 list.

However, almost million people use WordPress for their websites or blogs. And every day, trying different plugins to improve their websites. And, as different people have different preferences, I can not say that my list is the set of websites or blogs using WordPress.

Yes, my list includes the 5 most popular WordPress plugins, among users. These plugins will not only improve the effectiveness of your website or blog, but also provide it free mass transit.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins top blogs

The following is a list of “Top 5 WordPress Plugins”, where all users must have an incredible experience of blogging:

1. Google XML Sitemaps:

Map of the site is the best way to ensure that Google and other search engines to find web pages. And this is a plugin for WordPress improve the performance of indexing of your site – give the best chance to rank high in search engines.

In addition, it automatically sets the priority of messages based on the number of comments received. It is not efficient, but saves a lot of time too. Therefore, you should use this plugin for blogs effectively.

Second All-in-One SEO Pack:

This is one of the best plugins, you need to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for search engines. It’s easy for beginners because it works right out-of-the-box. In addition, advanced users can do it manually SEO for their blogs using this plugin.

It offers features like optimizing your titles, meta tags automatically generated, etc. So you should go for this plugin to provide massive “free flow” of your website, the search engines.

3. WordPress Theme Test drive:

Choosing the right theme for your website can escalate its efficiency to a considerable degree. But better to choose a specific topic, you need to test all your themes – trying all.

And that’s where this plugin is so effective. It allows you to apply your new theme – the use and try to – not even turn it on for regular users. Therefore, they will continue to see the previous topic until you make your decision.

I highly recommend this plugin, to ensure an efficient design of your blog or website, regardless of user experience.

4. Misdirection:

Probably the user tries to view a page on your site, which is no longer, he would see the error 404 (which does not look too good). And here, this plugin comes to the rescue.

This plugin allows you to manage the redirection page of your site. Ensures that the link juice, broken sites, is controlled by a better place in the Indian site. As a result, users are satisfied, you will be happy, and even search engines are happy.

So, its the perfect tool for not only brings a massive free traffic for your site, but to maintain existing services to ensure its overall success.

5. Yet Another Related Post Plugin:

When reading a message in some places, it shows a list of some related posts (which you would like to read). Provides a better conversion rate of your website – that users are still for a long time on it.

In addition, this plugin creates a list of related posts today, introducing readers to relevant content in your blog or website.

This plugin is better than all other related plugins on the market because it can easily be adapted. In addition, it is very easy to install and use.

5 ways to combat comment spam

If you have a WordPress blog itself is very popular, the most annoying is the fight against comment spam in WordPress on a regular basis. Every time you connect to the WordPress dashboard, you see a lot of spam comments waiting to be eliminated. Whether you must manually delete them or let them die in the queue of emails.

The latter option is not recommended because it will increase the size of the database and load time of resources. Therefore, you must find and fight their way to prevent comment spam in WordPress. This article describes some proven techniques that can be used to reduce comment spam in WordPress.

The comment spam is a comment that is automatically displayed in blogs, websites, forums, etc. by automated robots, scripts or programs. Some people use automated scripts or robots to target high traffic sites to post a comment. Typically, a review of electronic mail is full of irrelevant words and links and do not care about discussion or article that the comment is published.

In short, the comment spam is a bad form of shameless self-promotion, and try to get fast traffic, or SEO.

1. Install WordPress Plugin Akismet

Akismet is considered the best WordPress plugin to reduce comment spam. This plugin checks each comment, Pingbacks and trackbacks submitted to your blog and drive control most of the Akismet web service to determine if the comment is spam or not.

In addition, to prevent spam comments, and bad connections, Akismet seems to statistics page, where you can see more information on the number of comments blocked, accuracy, dates, etc.

2. Close comments on old posts

Using Akismet is good, but overtime you will notice that the Akismet to avoid hundreds of spam comments every week. You must delete these spam comments by hand, which is a really boring job. If you want more control over spam comments, because blocking Older Post commented.

Pali the door spammers, who receive good traffic, and you can automatically close comments on posts on certain days of old. Log on to your blog space management, select Settings and Discussion>. Then, select the check box “automatically closes comments on Article older than” and enter the dates in the text box (eg, 90).

This ensures that the comments are closed on any item that is greater than the number of days you specify.

3. Ban IP Addresses Spam

Wp-Ban is a useful WordPress plugin that can be used to blacklist IP addresses that try to post comments on your blog spam. This plugin checks the IP address of the commentator, and if you have already specified the same IP address in the settings of the plug-in, how to display a custom message prohibited.

When you activate the plugin, keep an eye on the IP addresses of spam comments. Then add the IP addresses of the plug-in blacklist and bingo! You will find that the amount of spam comments are in decline, a blacklist IP more.

This plugin should be used with caution. If a blacklisted IP address, any visitor to the same host name would not be able to see your blog. Use this plugin to blacklist specific IP if they seem too often vulgar comments and post to your blog.

4. Use the Custom WordPress Referrers Ban Blank Function

In most cases, commentators mails never visit your blog and you can use this principle to dramatically reduce spam in the comments.

Log in WordPress administration area of ​​your blog and go to “Theme Editor”. Select the topic of your blog and open the functions.php file for editing. Paste the following code:


verify_comment_referer function () {

if (! wp_get_referer ()) {

wp_die (__ (‘You can not leave comments at this time, maybe you need to enable your browser regarding .’));


add_action (‘check_comment_flood’, ‘verify_comment_referer “);


The above function checks the “source of reference” to the page where the comment in the post. In the case of spam in the comments, if the reference source found empty comments are not allowed to be published so as not to receive spam.

5. Recognize the use of WordPress Plugin

As stated by Google in their Webmaster Central blog, WordPress reCAPTCHA plugin is one of the best ways to prevent spam comments on WordPress blog. The concept is really simple – anyone who tries to write a comment need to see a graphic and type the words match the graphics. The spam bots have no eyes and minds and can not see and read these charts. Therefore, they can not publish these comments urgent.

The plugin is recatcha well, but it has one major drawback. Commentators on your regular blog to fill Catcha trying to write a review. This may seem depressing or confusing to the visitor, and he can not refrain from comment altogether. Many popular blogs are using reCAPTCHA, but I’m not a fan of this plugin, because it might offend the regular commentators.

Changing your observation system or IntenseDebate Disqus (user)

Disqus is a comment from third parties and moderation tools to your website. There are several advantages to using Disqus. First, are closely integrated with Askimet to reduce spam. Secondly, help to reduce the size of your database that all comments are stored on the server. Third, it integrates with Facebook, Twitter and OpenID so that readers can easily connect with the minimum of problems. Last but not least, is free.

When you have a website with high traffic count and number of spam, you will appreciate the ease with Disqus makes your life.

He was a (if not all) of techniques you can use to prevent spam comments on your WordPress blog. What techniques do you prefer? Do you use a WordPress plugin that I have missed? Can you share your thoughts in the comments.

Tips on how to choose the right Web Hosting for you

In today’s world, people often intend to start their own sites and blogs, but when it comes to choosing the web hosting server beginners often end up making a bad choice and often regret their decision later. Making the right choice is not always easy, the five most common mistakes that beginners make is – 1. The choice of a variety that fits your budget, without considering the quality of service they receive. 2. The choice of a series that is very expensive for them and they are struggling to pay the monthly fee after a month or two. 3. The choice of a provider of free web hosting without knowing the difference between free and paid services. how to choose a web hosting blog That is not always easy to find affordable hosting provides good support to its customers. Here are some tips to help beginners to choose services based on the right web hosting to their real needs – 1. Research (Know the difference) – You must research to find the difference between Web hosting services provided through the Internet, you need to know the difference between shared hosting, VPS hosting cloud, dedicated servers, reseller and Master Reseller Hosting. 2. Money to make money – Avoid using free hosting services, the reason is always closed, or may be placing their ads on your blog, or it can be inverted to give a couple of stupid sites. Support can never be as good as the payment, and some free hosting does not allow users to use their domain names. 3rd Limited Unlimited is unique – There are many web hosting providers that offer unlimited hosting and beginners often choose the unlimited plan think they can use, hosting all their blogs, bandwidth and space website is mostly unrestricted, but they often limit the addon domains and SQL databases do not allow customers to add multiple domains to your account. So you should always read everyone and everything before buying web hosting.Still looking for a job online? Stop searching and try our job search engines by Xirkle. Search 3 job sites in one.

In The UK more and more young people are being encouraged to get lean computer programming and get into Technology. The job center plus is helping to connect start up companies to the youth of today to build a brighter future for Britain. The UK now has some of the most advanced start up companies the world has ever seen. Foreign companies are also in vesting heavily into UK startups

5 Tips to extend your laptops battery life

The battery is a very important part of your mobile device. Treat the battery in the right way, you can add it to life and can keep a backup for a long time. Here are some tips for keeping your laptop battery, which also applies to mobile phones.

1. Keep the battery contacts

Battery contacts may become corroded and dirty over time, making the delivery of power. To clean the battery contacts the laptop off and disconnect the external power supply, remove the battery Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the metal contacts on the battery inside the device. Let dry completely before reinstalling the battery and reconnect to a power source. Repeat this process every two or three months.

2. Time to drain the battery completely

To maintain the required load capacity of its battery, which must be completely drain the battery periodically. For the complete evacuation, I do not mean 100% drainage should drain the battery in a 90-95% regularly (twice a month) to ensure that the battery will have a full charge.

3. Keep your notebook cool

The heat reduces the effectiveness of your device, which ultimately results in more drain on the battery and shorten battery life. Make sure there is proper air circulation, do not leave clothes, stuffed animals or other obstructions block the ventilation openings.

Fourth charge the battery properly

Always use the recommended power cord and adapter charger, do not use any AC adapter or charger is not approved by the device manufacturer. Avoid discharge the battery fully

5th Remove the battery when not in use

If you do not use your laptop or other mobile device for a week or more, remove the battery and store it separately, before that, the battery discharge to 40% of full capacity and keep it fresh.

5 Ways To Make Your WordPress Blog faster

Search engines like Google prefer websites which are are fast . Fast websites are ranked high in the search results . For a wordpress blog you can do several things to make it faster some of them are .

1. Optimize title

In the header.php file you will see that there is a function calling the title of the website and description

<?PHP bloginfo(name); ?><?PHP bloginfo(description); ?>
replace this with the HTML version which is much faster and it looks like this:

<title>Your Website Title</title>

2.  Optimize feed

In the same header.php file you will find something similar to
<?PHP bloginfo_rss(‘url’) ?>   OR

<?php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?>
replace it with the html version like this with the feed url

3. Use clean and Compressed Code

A clean and compressed JavaScript and CSS code can make you wordpress website really fast . Google code offers Closure Compiler which compresses JavaScript and CSS for free . If you don’t have programming knowledge to manually do that , then you can use  Optimize Script plugin which uses Google’s closure compiler

4. Optimize Images 

Many images contain extra bytes within them that are unnecessary smaller images means your site loads faster . I use WP plugin which is based on Yahoo’s YSlow project .

5.  Cache Your WordPress Blog

There are many caching plugins available like WP Super cache , WP cache , WP Total cache etc . I prefer WP Total cache . Its functions include database caching, pages caching and even to minimize the size of your pages. It is used by Mashable, Matt Cutts, Smashing Magazine, Yoast and lots of other online gurus out there.

How To Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk

It ‘s always the possibility of a software crash your system. Many desktop or laptop manufacturer does not offer a recovery CD / DVD. When the operating system recovery disc, you can restore the operating system, software crash. If you do not have a Windows installation disc or you do not have access to the computer manufacturer’s recovery potential is so that you can create a rescue disk system.

Create Recovery Disk System

Step 1 In the Control Panel, click on “System and Security” and then “Backup and Recovery”

Step 2. In the left pane, click Create a system recovery disk

Step 3. Insert a blank CD into the DVD drive and click Create Disk. The CD has been created in minutes.

Create Startup Disk in Windows 7

Use the system recovery disk

Step 1 Set repair system disk into your CD or DVD.

Step 2. Restart your computer using the power button on the computer.

Step 3 If prompted, press a button to start a computer repair computers disc.If is not configured to boot from a CD or DVD, check the information with your computer. You may need to modify the computer’s BIOS settings.

Step 4 Choose your language settings, then click Next.

Step 5 Choose a restore, then click Next